Apr. 18th, 2012

fallenice: (Kame's Being A Kid)
Here's the thing, I was combing through my own list of fics and sorting them out into sections etc when I found that I actually have a list of favourite fics and stuff. I thought it might actually be useful to em post here despite the fact that the list was done when I was all AKAME I LOVE YOU and thus very biased. It's not very comprehensive, in fact I can't rmb why I did this. Maybe (just maybe) I should just keeping updating this post once in a while :D And yeah, these fic is in not in any apparent order. And I might be adding stuff as I go on. And I am adding a few on the go while I am at it.

Solo/KAT-TUN - Akame
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Arashi - Matsumiya (As stole off my Matsumiya pimp post)
Jun-kun~ )

You wouldn't call them woes // NC-17
Where there is enough Matsumiya sex to make the world go round.

In Spaces Temporary // NC-17
Nino is Jun's backup boyfriend. It's kind of angsty, but there is hot sex and the ending made my heart cringe (in a good way).

See The Madness In Your Smile // PG-13
Jun is a pharmacology scholarship recipient and Nino is his new roommate.

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Other Fic Rec Pages
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