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1. Translations stolen from here

So our resident slut (Kame) gets tons of love in the Oct issue. (Koki gets quite a fair bit too, but Kame :D)

KAT-TUN, Ueda Tatsuya
To Kame, Please don't get whisked away!
Jess: I am not really sure what Ueda means here....

Hey! Say! JUMP, Yamada Ryosuke
To Kamenashi-kun, I want to give you a call, but it's impossible! I don't have the courage to push the button. I can get up to choosing Kamenashi-kun's name, but I don't have the courage to go any further. I'm sorry but if it's possible, it'd be awesome if Kamenasi-kun could invite me instead.

B.I.Shadow, Kochi Yugo
To Kamenashi-kun, You're too cool. Please share some of it with me. Please give me some of your clothes. I can't say this to you directly so I'm going to try using this dengonban.

B.I.Shadow, Kikuchi Fuma
To Kamenashi-kun, I recently started high school and rewatched Gokisen; I'm in an all boys school too, so I felt the warmth in Gokusen. You took care of me during the Baseball event too... You're really cool.

KAT-TUN, Kamenashi Kazuya
To Yamada and Yuto, When do you mean?

2. Other things
So I was reading one of my doujins and the authors actually collated some Nobuta era Pikame quotes. Allow me to translate them ROUGHLY. My Japanese is seriously terrible so yea. But the rough idea would work y/y? Here are some of the shorter ones that I can understand :D

Question: What is Kamenashi-Kun's charm point
Answer (Pi): When unexpected (surprised? accidental?), the smiling face that only I can see.
From: Tokyo Weekly

Kame: Yamapi, who acted as Akiram is fresh. I like this Yamapi.

So Pi was commenting on how Nobuta was coming to an end.
Kame: We also have a lot of promises for next year
Pi: Because Kame is turning 20 next year, for celebration, let's go to Disneyland
Kame: (happy) Let's go.

Pi: Yesterday Kame who watched the 7th episode (of Nobuta) mailed me. "Depressed and cried". I thought Kame was cuter than Shuuji.
-Josei Sepun

I got a little too lazy, but there is this one that Kame and Pi were congratulating each other on sending 100 messages to each other -_-. There is this other two where they talked about how they liked performing together and this one and blah blah.

Have fun everyone <3

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