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1. This is all Matsujun's fault. My heart may have skipped a beat when watching this. And then [livejournal.com profile] nekoshoujo decides to ask me if Nino has watched the CM. Now my brain is totally in the gutter. I hate you.

2. And not that Kame is a totally innocent victim in this whole thing:

He is obviously making out with the can to try to sell it. #buysanyway #easy

3. In other news, watching Arashi mangle Chinese makes me want to hide in embarrassment as well as laugh at them. I am not sure if they are good emotions to have at the same time.

4. And I am awfully excited about the Arashi lightup of the Tokyo Tower too. Here's an image:

It will be so awesome to see it.

5. I have Blue and Haru Haru by Big Bang on repeat on my playlist.

6. So I love this week's Dengonban on Winkup. A highlight (all from here )

KAT-TUN, Ueda Tatsuya
To Kato Shigeaki, Hurry up and give me your novel~! You said you'd give it to me. Is the conversation we had at countdown, isn't it. Hurry up and give it to me!
To Sexy Zone, How sexy.

ME: Now I ship Ueda/Shige. AND. That Sexy Zone joke is not funny at all. Have you been hanging around Kame too much?

And there are other things like Kame wanting to go out to eat with Yuto and Yamada. Hikaru wants to talk to Kame. And we all know Nakamaru plays survival games with Yuto. I, honestly, am not sure what sort of songs Marius want to write to Taipi. XD

Okay that's for now. Signing out <3
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