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This post came about because [livejournal.com profile] paint_asmile asked me to educate her about my favourite pairing in Arashi and then, expectedly, I linked her a whole bunch of stuff. Since I have already linked her all these stuff, I might as well put them here too. Credits to everyone and mostly to [livejournal.com profile] matsumiya_a_day and tumblr tag-search which I have taken a whole bunch of things from. If you need me to credit anything please say so! I wouldn’t call this a pimp[ post, it’s more like a post about Matsumiya.

For [livejournal.com profile] amandes because all my Matsumiya-s belongs to her.

"Jun-kun, do you know why I call you Jun-kun. you joined agency a month earlier than me. we have been for 15 years together. I have never looked down on you. because I look at you with kind of respected regard, especially you, you always take on concert of Arashi or event. Jun-kun I respect you and thank you everyday. Thank you."
– Nino, Concert report quote, from here

1.This pairing obviously started young:

2.And have a few awesomely sweet moments

For example, when Nino’s mike died in a performance, Jun decided to share his mike with Nino. Nino, repaid Jun’s kindness with a peck of his cheek. The rest of Arashi watched. Can't link a video direct because tumblr doesn't like me, so have a link instead here

Another old video and this one starts off with Ohno’s performance and ends off with a certain Matsuko and a certain Kazunari declaring their love while running across the stage.

And Matsumiya also took care of a kid together. KIIIDSSS <3 AND more importantly, the baby ships them. And we should always listen to babies since they are always right.

3. More than just sweet there are also hot moments like when Jun and Nino dances to Lady Gaga. You know you want to watch it. And no, there isn’t a “real” performance for it ):

4.Nicknames make up a huge part of this pairing. It was Jun-kun for while (when most people usually just call Jun, Matsujun). Recently though, the nickname has changed to J. If you have been watching any Arashi variety shows, you would probably have noticed it. The best part about these nicknames? They are both very possessive about it, as evidenced in:

5.Matsumiya also share a lot of secret glances like:

6.Or not-so-secret looks which seem to occur pretty often when they are plotting things.
Which also brings me to the next point. One of my first observations about Arashi was that Jun and Nino don’t interact as much as say Nino and Ohno do, but when there are things that require serious decision, they always tended to gravitate towards each other. Watch VS Arashi and see if you can pick it out :D

Here’s Matsumiya bullying Ikuta Toma together . A tumblr link because I can’t link the video here.

While we are at it, have one screencap of their knowing glances.

7.But, they are not always lovely dovely, which kind of makes it even better.

(The conversation is real by the way)

And here’s another scene which is a little space consuming to post here, so you get a link here . You know you want to see Matsumiya gift swapping (best way to put it across okay!)

8.But ultimately, Nino, the brat, always has good things to say about Jun, like the quote which starts this post and:

I loved how Nino, Arashi's resident brat, also finds ways to praise Jun. And this next one is one my favourites. It comes in a video form because I can’t seem to find screencaps when I need it -_-. Watch the boys praise the hell out of each other at the expense of other Arashi members. If you have a better link to either caps or vids for this, tell me btw!

Here's more:

Here’s another interview from Utaban in 2008:
Nakai: The person who’s the most considerate. Matsumoto.
Nino: Yes. “He’ll care for us somehow.”
Nakai: He takes good care of people.
Nino: Yes. When we shared a room during the tour, that time, I slept first, and… everyone had a drink so, Jun-kun came back and he was hungry, so with cup ramen… He thought of eating that, but because I was sleeping, he deliberately left the room to eat in the corridor.
Nakai: Amazing… because if he heard the slurping noises…
Jun: It was a room where sounds really echoed.

There are probably a heck lot more that I haven’t read yet, but you get the point. Nino has a fanboy crush on Jun XD

9.And Jun, obviously has a soft spot for Nino (or actually, the whole of Arashi)

From one of the Ranking Derby episodes:
”To the yankess in Kyushu: Who’s the coolest in Arashi?”
Jun: What’s wrong?
Nino: I mean, even if you change the place, the results won’t change. (5th place last time)
Jun: That’s not true. The people in Kyushu have different tastes.
Nino: *eyes of hope*

From Non/No 2011/02:
To Nino: “Let’s have dinner in 2012! I put my efforts into cooking Nino’s favorite hamburger!”

There are probably a whole bunch more of things. Apparently I read somewhere that Jun actually specially cooked for Nino several times. I remembered reading somewhere that Jun described Nino as a “house of mirrors” and that description has been one of the most accurate things that I have heard about Nino, I think. And there is dubious source about how Jun bought Nino a puzzle and pieced it for him. I am not as updated with magazine interviews as I should be, so if there is anyone who can link me to other things, go ahead.

10.Here’s a image break because I found them while I was pimping Matsumiya out and decided to link them (best reason ever, okay!)

And the other page of the mag here

Imagining the context is funner than knowing the real one <3

11.And a few other videos just because I can

Another old video where.. Jun gropes Nino’s butt. I am kind of partial to the reversal of roles XD

And if you want more Matsumiya, here’s a good collection

12.And of course we all want to read fanfics about Matsumiya.

I have been wanting to do this for a while, but since I should be sleeping soon (it’s 430am), I should just leave everyone with just a small handful of my favourites. GIVE ME ALL YOUR MATSUMIYA FAVOURITE FICS IF YOU HAVE BTW. Anyway, I will cheat for now and tell you guys to read the stuff under
a.firstly, the Matsumiya tag in JE hols. Within it though, my all time favourite Matsumiya fic – for various reasons, some more personal than others- is this fic where Jun is a book designer and Nino’s an oddball author
b. nino_exchange’s matsumiya tag and my recommendation will be the first one on the list, where Matsumiya are competing students in a magical school.
c.And there is this one I just read yesterday where we get a special insight into Jun’s head when it comes to Nino.
d.And this one kind of touched my heart at some point. Like it clenched a little.
e.There is also a list of Matsumiya fic recs here too

Yep, that’s all for now :D Will be updated as and when needed?

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