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Here's the thing, I was combing through my own list of fics and sorting them out into sections etc when I found that I actually have a list of favourite fics and stuff. I thought it might actually be useful to em post here despite the fact that the list was done when I was all AKAME I LOVE YOU and thus very biased. It's not very comprehensive, in fact I can't rmb why I did this. Maybe (just maybe) I should just keeping updating this post once in a while :D And yeah, these fic is in not in any apparent order. And I might be adding stuff as I go on. And I am adding a few on the go while I am at it.

Solo/KAT-TUN - Akame

Pikanishi // PG
Where Jin is a pokeball and Kame his trainer.

The Turtle And The Sun // PG
Where Kame is a kame (turtle) and Jin is.. the sun. Japanese Fairytale X Akame

Baby Got Back // R
In Jin wished Kame to be a girl - and it happened.

TAUNT: Not Your Mother's Band // Possibly PG
KAT-TUN - Kame = TAUNT. Kame is TAUNT's manager/gang member? Hints of Akame.

Within These Pages // R
In which Kame falls in love with Shojo manga.

Arashi - Matsumiya (As stole off my Matsumiya pimp post)

Boys Over Magic/ Yamada Nino // PG
Nino and Jun are competing students in a magic school and Jun doesn't understand why Nino does so well in school despite not studying at all. Slight Sakumiya too.

Bust A Move // R
Jun checks Nino out. I am not even kidding.

Just like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle // PG
Where Jun is a book designer and Nino is an oddball author.

Together As One // NC- 17
Nino shows up at Jun's house. Yeah. Tons of ~feelings~ really.

You wouldn't call them woes // NC-17
Where there is enough Matsumiya sex to make the world go round.

In Spaces Temporary // NC-17
Nino is Jun's backup boyfriend. It's kind of angsty, but there is hot sex and the ending made my heart cringe (in a good way).

See The Madness In Your Smile // PG-13
Jun is a pharmacology scholarship recipient and Nino is his new roommate.


Found My Way // PG
Where Nakamaru is a dentist that serves ~magical creatures~ and Kame is a vampire. Who has a crush on the dentist.

Paparazzi // PG
Where Ueda and Kame gets photographed on a tabloid and was rumoured to be dating. The manager decides to make them continue the act for publicity. The only problem is that, Kame is already dating Nakamaru.

The Good, The Bad, and The Sparkly (A Soba Western) // PG
Where Nakamaru is the Sheriff at Johnnysville and Kame is.. a thief? Complete with cameo.

And: All of alienashi's nakames.


Series: The Question Of Nobuta
This is difficult to explain. So I will just take it from the author herself, “There's supposed to be a rogue program or something,” Ueda explained. He could hear Junno's voice in his ear whispering, NOBUTA; the program's name is NOBUTA. Implied Pikame and Shuuji/Akira

Series: Chemistry AU
Where KAT-TUN are.. chemistry majors. And Kame's a premed. And Junno does biology. Hmm. Basically, GEEK alert.

Other Fic Rec Pages

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Here's one for Arashi fics only
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