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1. I finished all of Zenkai Girl in one day. And I have #feelings about it right now. Mainly in the lines of.. RYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHANNNNNNNN. WHY ARE YOU SO SWEET. OMG YOU COOK. OMG YOU AND KIDS. And my heart melts everytime he carries Gakki, just saying.

2. KAT-TUN album leaks. It's.. a good album. I can't really put a finger to the genre though, but there some really nice songs. And I ship Ueda and Kame's solos (both are ultra emo). KAME'S SOLO. T_T. Ueda's solo T_T. Junno's solo was kick ass. Step by step was performed before, so not exciting anymore (but still good). Lock On recorded version is as good as I expected. The single songs are well the single songs. Soldier is bad ass. I actually won't call it OMG SPECTACULAR. But it's a good album overall.

3. Arashi X Michael Jackson dances.

I cut it out from the Shiyagare episode and uploaded on youtube :D JUNNNNNNNNNN. I am all *_______________* at Jun right now.