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Q4. What would you be pleased to find in a bento?
Love. If I can feel it, I don’t care about the taste.

-An interview with Kame in this month's Duet.
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"I think that being a Johnny's hitting back all the balls that come at you. There's no need to be in Johnny's if you say "I only want to do this". I don't want to say "I can't do this", and if I try, something will come into view. I'm doing various things, having pride in every one of my jobs and facing it properly in my own style, but it doesn't mean I'll ease up on them. No matter what the job is, I want to tackle it with seriousness. Because if you do it halfheartedly, you'd be insulting the people who focus and excel in that one field."
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For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.

-Hemingway's 6 word flash fiction.

Snagged from Sophia's blog.
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It had long been Stalin's habit, while hosting important vistors, to doddle wolf's heads on a pad in red pencil.

The Yugoslav dictator might be a "son of a bitch", the American secretary of state, Dean Acheson acknowledged astringely in 1949, but he was now our "son of a bitch"

Confucian scholars are confusing

What word was it? Pokemon..no.. HEGEMON.


Aug. 22nd, 2009 10:24 pm
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And Renji was, just like always, still one step behind him (Byakuya): less alert, less quick, less aware, but always content, more open, more trusting, more giving.
- A Bleach Fic 

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"So there are people we give small not-very-important parts to, and there are people we give the big and important parts to. And we all need those parts, na, sensei? Because they all belong to us, even if they belong to them... It's okay not to get the small parts back so it's okay if they don't return, but the big parts are parts we need back because it's what lets the story make sense. So if it's a big part we gave away... we need it back because it's an important part of us and that part, and us, belong together"

-A Naruto Fanfic

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Friendship needs no words - it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness. - Dag Hammarskjold


Aug. 5th, 2009 07:10 pm
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The central difference between liberal democracy and state socialism has to do with how each system deals with political uncertainty.

To put it simply, liberal democracies features certain political processes but uncertain political results. State socialism, by contrast, reverses this combination by featuring uncertain political procedures but certain results

- A journal article


Aug. 2nd, 2009 12:07 pm
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A quote from a Naruto fic (edited):
“Oh.” The Mangekyo’s curse had finally caught up with him.

He smiled, glad that his vision had lasted long enough for him to see Naruto's face one last time.

A quote from an Ouran fic:
Every single day at seven o’clock in the morning, Kyouya dials Tamaki’s number (which is first on speed dial), says “It’s time to wake up, you moron,” and hangs up; and every single day at seven o’clock in the morning Tamaki wonders how he would function without Kyouya in his life.
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"And -

If you asked me to choose between breathing and loving you,

I would use my last breath to tell you I love you."

- A Naruto Fanfic.


Jul. 6th, 2009 04:36 am
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United States VP Joseph Biden yesterday dismissed the launches, saying that the North is engaged in "attention seeking". He said that he did not want to give the tests undue attention but rather focus on moving forward with the policy of isolating Pyongyang.

Someone actually notices that. YAY for Joe! 
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This ones are from xxxHolic.Mostly Yuuko's lines though. But it borders on anti Christianity sometimes. LOLS.

The Beginnings
People are the world's strangest creatures
There are no coincedences, only inevitablity

The Habitual Liar
Habit - A need to be conscious of it and if a person does not want to get rid of it then it cannot be gotten rid of

When the woman lied, some things were lost or she was punished. But most of the time, those things weren't noticed. Do you know why?
It's because she didn't care about the things she lost of punishments. To the person who doesn't care about things or what is lost even if I told her to do this or that it would be the same. What is good or bad thus depends on the person.

If you believe, then it is already decided, if you don't believe then it can be changed.

The meaning of the world looks very broad, but it is actually very narrow. There are limits of sight, limits of hearing, limits of touch and limits of feeling. The world is created from a different place. From now on, you create your own world.

The Internet Habit
If you want to change, you must first make clear to yourself why you wish to change and how you intend to do so.

Although you say you want to (quit the internet), you use other people as excuse

Family is other people. No matter how close your blood relationship is, no matter what your relationship may be,anyone other than you is not you! And so you have to think it over and decide for yourself! Take away other people’s wants and needs, and decide if this is something that is necessary for you! It may cause hardships to others…but you want it. That’s your free will right there! But you ignore that and decide based on someone else’s advice, because decency demands it, because people say it’s awful, you will fail to quit. No one could succeed that way! You don’t understand what you’re trying to do. With that as your background, how do you expect to make a promise to yourself? But the opposite way…there are risks there, too, of course. If you decide to take the action that best suits you, there will be people who won’t understand…people will be saddened by your actions.

Even if you lose this world, even if you forget all the comforts you are used to, you'd still do it. Even when you are faced with the pain of your loss, you'd still continue.  Live for yourself, that's trust determination. So what's the most important to you? What do you want to accomplish the most?

The Monkey Paw
If she wants to open it, she will open it sooner or later. If she has no such intentions it would remain close.

Something cannot come from nothing. For a wish to manifest, nature will always react to achieve a balance. Either that or one must pay the appropriate price. So, for the rain to appear, the pool water disappeared. And the mirror? A friend of mine said that one of his suddenly disappeared.

Once the stone begin to stumble, it cannot stop by its own will until it reaches rock bottom.

The only ones you can affect are those with a heart. The monkey's paw has neither sympathy or tolerance. As a result it is very adept in this world. It is very unforgiving.

Tell a person not to open it and the desire will only grow. You convinced yourself that only you can escape the punishment for violating your promise. (Recall: That's for other people. But I will be fine). But still, you got your wish.

Before you begin looking, something was restraining you, preventing you from finding it.

Living things are restrained by Chains: The laws of nature, the flow of time, the vessel known as your “body”, and the existence called your mind. The one chain that people can wield: WORDS.

Right. You didn't find the contacts because she restricted you from finding it (by saying that you will never find it)

Words are ferocious beasts. Even if you say them once, you cannot take it back. You can't ignore them either. No matter how unaware a person is of their self inflicted limits, they continue to use those chains. Words are alive and they have power over our role in life.

Chains can be used for more than tying down. They can be used to connect, and tie together. Looking forward and speaking positively makes all the difference.

Indeed. However words don't only affect the one using them.

You are responsible for your own choices

If you enjoy living life like this, there's no harm in staying tied down. Your immediate comfort is not as important as telling yourself "Everything will turn out great" and the joy it brings when you are right.

Do you have a wish? There's a price.

You can't assume you lose before you start. / If you decide it's impossible, then it's hopeless

Self Worth/Nurie Episode
Yuuko: Can you understand why someone would automatically reject all happiness that comes their way? For example, can you understand why someone who wins 300 million in the lottery would refuse to claim the prize?
Watanuki: No. You always talk about legitmate compensation, no?
Yukko: Indeed. In other words you would recieve happiness from claiming the prize.

Watanuki: I was wondering if you usually accept happiness in your life?
Nurie: Well I think I do.
Watankuki: Well this time you only broke an arm. But if you keep on doing things like that
Nurie: You might be right, I am not happy. I might be just as you said. I automatically avoid any chance to be happy.

There's no way I could understand, these are your feelings afterall.

What is right and what is wrong varies from person to person. Happiness always varies from person to person.

Perhaps what you consider to be happienss is something you negotiate with yourself. A promise you made to yourself. In other words, happiness is how you compensate yourself for hard work. You collect all your sufferings, built from all your decisions and you refuse to reward yourself for any of it. This violates the contract you have within yourself. You must always pay your debts, even if it is yourself who is the reciever.

Watanuki: What's going on?
Yuuko: If you were walking to school one day and someone offers you 100 billion yen, what would you do?
Watanuki: Something is fishy. I wouldn't accept the money
Yukko: That's how people who reject happiness think.
Watanuki: But still I won't accept the money
Yukko ; Why?
Watanuki: Because I am worried about what would happen after that 
Yukko: Correct. In order to recieve happiness, it takes an equal amount; compensation is required. You've always heard that life sways back and forth a zero point. You take the good with the bad and vice versa. However this view is inaccurate. To experience an amount of happiness, you would need to experience the same amount of unhappiness as compensation. The idea comes from having to tolerate the bad times in order to enjoy the good times. Assuming that good times will arise simply because you have bad times isn't mere optimism. In other words to take the high road, a higher viewpoint demands a deeper valley. For it not to meet those expectations would be insincere. On the contrary, if you are on the road of misery, in order to break out of the depth, you must also drum up the energy to do so.

The desire to do what you know you shouldn't is indeed one of the very desires that defines humanity.

Whether you need to work for it or not, happiness is not always a good thing. The good parts always need to be paid for. What Nurie is doing is running. She isn't running from happiness. She is running from the responsiblities incurred by accepting it. She isn't bringing ruin to her life. Rather, her actions are precisely calculated.

She was the one that chose what she wanted to do at the exact moment. Walking in front of a truck is something you really shouldn't do. She only broke her arm and avoided the presentation and a chance to promote. She had no reason to be angry at the good samartrain or hitting the fire alarm. It is a button you shouldn't trigger, but it's not going to trigger the end of the world if you do. If there was a button she should never trigger, she would not.

She has all along knew which path was best for her. That is why she can shun the right answer. So in essence if she just need to bring out that subconcious bit, her wish would be granted.

Her price was her escape route. Now on her path of happiness, no matter what amount of pressure may torment her, she would be unable to run away. All the stiuations she avoided, I wonder if she could handle them.

The season finale
Watanuki: Why did you fire? Because she isn't human?
Doumeki: No. Because I choose to.

Normal? What's normal? To only do what the masses do? And what is the benefit of that? Where is the problem in adopting a custom that is 'abnormal' if it has no negative effect on the world at large?

Watanuki and Doumeki and such good friends!
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Next time if anybody ask me my hobby, remind me that collecting quotes is one.

This is from a a fanfic (Naruto)

Die for your village, that is my shinobi way.
Die in the place of the one you love, that is mine.
-Neji and Tenten

This too.

To love a fangirl, am I dumb?
No, you have good taste.
- Gaara and Matsuri

And I can't believe I didn't include this in my Naruto quote post
" No, it' not meaningless.  Because you have become my closet friend" - Sasuke

"Hey, you dumb fox! Since you’re staying in my body, give me your chakra as rent!"- Naruto (It cracks me up every single time)
(To Jiraiya) "If being smarter means what you say it does, I'll remain a fool my entire life!"

And this ones might be an inspiration for a next shot. Maybe just maybe.
"My existence lies in those whose lives I invested not in this physical being,"

The bonds between Jounins are of a special form becuse they know in their hearts that the comrade they see today might be killed in action that next. Some decide to withdraw, seeking solace in non living things. Others live life to the maximum every single day - as though it is their last.

This is one is from one of the Naruto fillers.
"Now I know, I wasn't abandoned.
I chose it,"


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I think collecting quotes can be my next hobby. Here goes. Naruto quotes stolen from every where XD
And I love Itachi and Kakashi's lines. Therefore they get a section to their own. Plus a few mor3e people. Gai's interaction with Kakashi cracks me to no end though.

Uchiha Itachi

You aren't even worth killing, foolish little brother.

If you want to kill me, despise me, hate me, and live in an unsightly way... Run, and cling to life, and then some day, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me.

People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define "Reality." But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? Merely vague concepts... their "reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?

We are brothers. That is a unique bond. I am the barrier you must overcome, so you and I will continue to exist together, even if you hate me. That's what being a big brother means.

Itachi Uchiha: [to Sasuke, who he has pinned to the wall] You are still too weak. You don't have enough hate. And you know something?
[leans in and whispers]
Itachi Uchiha: You never will.

(To Sasuke) Go away. You don't interest me at the moment. (Jess: OUCH)

(Last Words, to Sasuke) "I'm sorry Sasuke... There won't be a next time." (Jess: AHHH ITACHI!)

Hatake Kakashi

(To Team 7) My first impression of this group, you're a bunch of idiots. (Jess: OUCH)

I'm Kakashi Hatake. Things I like and things I hate...I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future...never really thought about it. As for my hobbies...I have lots of hobbies. (Jess: like reading icha icha?)

No, you don't get it, thats why I'm telling you. You think you get it, which isn't the same as actually getting it. Get it?

Naruto, it's nice that you removed the poison so spiritedly, but you'll bleed to death if you lose any more... seriously.
Sorry I'm late, I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life.

You want to know what's under my mask? Sure, why didn't you say so in the first place? Okay, here we go. Behind this mask...is another mask! Pretty cool, huh?

Zabuza: Can you see the future?
Kakashi: Yes, You are going to die...

Sorry I'm late, and little girl crossed my path, so I danced

Sorry I'm late guys, a black cat crossed my path so I had to go the long way.

(To Sasuke) Now that you say it, yes, I might avenge them (my loved ones)... but you see, all my loved ones are already dead.

(Whenever Might Guy rambles, especially if it's about Lee) I'm sorry, did you say something?


Gai:Youth is sweet and sour and sometimes strict, Kakashi"
Kakashi:Did you say something?
Gai:Oh my god!!! That was pretty good rival Kakashi. That reaction is somewhat 'modern' and it pisses me off.

Kakashi! Why do you always pursue such revolutionary attitudes! (Jess: -_-)

Dynamic entry!!!( and goes on to kick Jiraiya)

You guys are in the springtime of your youth! (Jess: It repeats so damned much that I have to take it down)

OOOHH!! You make me so mad, Kakashi! OOH! Why do you always have to act so cool?!!

Jiraya (Ero Senin!)

I'm not JUST a pervert...I'm a SUPER-PERVERT!!
Or another version: Oh, I'm not a little pervert! ...I'm a big one!

I'm collecting data./ I'm doing research (Super funny if you know the context)

I like them ripe and luscious with curves like that, see? And big, but not too big, know what I mean? If you bring me something like that, I will train you 'till the cows come home! (After Naruto brings him a watermelon instead of a woman) THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT, YOU MORON!!


Shikamaru: [last words to Hidan] That pathetic Lord Janshin isn't your God anymore. I am. (Jess: GO SHIKAMARU)

During an offensive move, the first attack is a fake. It's a basic strategy to use the second attack to end the game.

It really doesn't matter to me if I ever become a Chunin or not, but I guess I shouldn't let myself be beaten by a female, so let's do it.

Sasuke isn't a close friend of mine. I don't even like him. But he is the same as us: a ninja from the Hidden Village of Konoha. He is our comrade. That is why we will put our lives on the line to bring him back. This is the way of Konoha. (Jess: That's actually one of the most inspiring lines of the whole show)

[Thinking as he prepares to sacrifice himself to help Sakura and Naruto escape] Sigh...I used to really want to be just an average ninja making an average living... Marry a regular girl who's not super pretty, or super ugly, have two kids, a girl and then a boy... Retire when my daughter got married and my son successfully became a ninja...and then just spend the rest of my life playing Shogi or Go, a carefree and leisurely retirement...dying of old age before my wife...that's the life I wanted... And yet I ended up exerting myself...so unlike me...even though I wanted to reach the end of my life like a regular guy... I had to go and get myself into this tiresome situation... (Jess: The irony!)

I admit that I'm not a good leader, but I'm good at one thing: believing in my friends.


Sasuke: (To Sakura) You're Annoying.

Sasuke: Sakura ....Thank you

(Recollection) Itachi: You can awaken the same Mangekyou Sharingan as me... however there is a requirement. You have to kill your closest friend.
Sasuke: It was not meaningless... to me, you have become... my closest friend...

Kankuro: You're an interesting guy. I like you.
Naruto: You're not interesting. I don't like you.

Kakuzu : (To either Shikamaru or Kakashi, can't remember) You actually think, unlike my partner

After Gai decides to carry Kakashi piggyback style, Lee decides to imitate him and bends over. Then there's a car horn sound.
Lee: Neji, hop on
Neji: Oh hell no!

Naruto: Sasuke...I always knew you were alone. At first, I was glad, that there was someone who was just like me, and I really wanted to talk to you. But then I saw you could do anything, and everyone always praised you. It was because of that that I made you my rival. I don't know why...I just don't know why...but I can't lose you to Orochimaru!(Jess: Honestly. This is damn yaoi)

Chaoji: I'm not fat, I'm pleasingly plump!

Gamabunta (To Manda) : I've always wanted a snakeskin wallet.

Naruto: When I'm with Iruka-sensei, I think if that's what having a father is like.... When I'm with you(Sasuke), I think if that's what having a brother is like.

Neji: The only destiny that every person shares.. is death.

Sakura: He's got some nerve facing us again after a trick like that!
Kakashi: And hiding behind a mask. Who does he think he's fooling?
Sakura: Speak for yourself, Sensei!
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I think collecting quotes is like my new past time. Anyway this is from a site, I think I will go back to my book and yank out more that speaks to me one day.

Pride and Prejudice

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighbourhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he is considered the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters.

Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. If the dispositions of the parties are ever so well known to each other or ever so similar beforehand, it does not advance their felicity in the least. They always continue to grow sufficiently unlike afterwards to have their share of vexation; and it is better to know as little as possible of the defects of the person with whom you are to pass your life.

The general prejudice against Mr. Darcy is so violent that it would be the death of half the good people in Meryton, to attempt to place him in an amiable light.

Nothing is more deceitful ... than the appearance of humility. It is often only carelessness of opinion, and sometimes an indirect boast.

The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it; and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of merit or sense.

Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.

He sat down for a few moments, and then getting up, walked about the room. Elizabeth was surprised, but said not a word. After a silence of several minutes, he came towards her in an agitated manner, and thus began:
"In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."
The most atrocious way of confessing I swear.

(From the movie)
Charlotte Lucas: Oh hush Lizzie. Not all of us can afford to be romantic. I've been offered a comfortable home and protection. There's alot to be thankful for. So don't judge me Lizzie; don't you dare judge me!

(both movie and book)
Mary Bennet: The glories of nature. What are men compared to rocks and mountains?
Elizabeth Bennet: Believe me. Men are either eaten up with arrogance or stupidity. If they are amiable, they are so easily led they have no minds of their own whatsoever.
Mrs. Gardiner: Take care, my love. That savors strongly of bitterness.

Don't feel like doing sense and sensiblity today. YIKES. Do another day :D

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I think the thing about Marvel Comic heros (at least those which make it to the silver screen) is that they tend to protray the other side of heros. I don't know, I just did a marathon of like 2 spiderman movie back to back (and still wondering if I should proceed on the the third)  and I am left feeling thoughtful rather than thrilled. You gain something and you lose something. All that glitters isn't really gold. Sometimes I wonder if Peter Parker (assuming he exists in real life) would rather not have his super powers at all. I mean indeed, with great power comes great responsiblity and sometimes I wonder if he is saving the world because he had been bestowed upon a great power or did he really want to? Sometimes the fact is that, because you are given the power, therefore, you cannot run away with it - even if you wish to. That is what they called fate. If that is so, then do heros do have a choice, really? 

Oh and musings like that help in fic idea generations. I am actually having ideas floating around (only issue is that besides dolls which I have a couple of ideas on) the rest are too plain to write anything on. Then again.. LOLS. The other ideas will be on a private post (Which only me myelf and I can see - I told you LJ is my new doddleboard) .

And to top this off.  Quotes!

From Spiderman
Uncle Ben: With great power comes great responsiblity
Are you able to carry it?

Peter Parker: Not everyone is meant to make a difference. But for me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option.
You can always run away.

Green Goblin: Back to formula!
Somethings that are done can never be returned back to.

Green Goblin: Well, to each his own. I chose my path, you chose the way of the hero. And they found you amusing for a while, the people of this city. But the one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, fall, die trying. In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually they will hate you. Why bother?
Spider-Man: Because it's right.
Do you have enough courage?

Mary Jane: You know, you're taller than you look.
Peter Parker: I hunch.
Mary Jane: Don't.
But only by hunching will I be able to look into your eyes.

Green Goblin: Spider Man. This is why only fools are heroes because you never know when some lunatic will come along with a sadistic choice. Let die the woman you love or suffer the little children. Make your choice, Spider Man, and see how a hero is rewarded.

Peter Parker: No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, the ones I love will always be the ones who pay.

From Spiderman 2
May Parker: Too few characters out there, flying around like that, saving old girls like me. And Lord knows, kids like Henry need a hero. Courageous, self-sacrificing people. Setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves a hero. People line up for them, cheer them, scream their names. And years later, they'll tell how they stood in the rain for hours just to get a glimpse of the one who taught them how to hold on a second longer.

If that is so, perhaps the reason why people need heros is because heros give us hope. It is thus not the hero that people admire but rather the hope that it symbolizes that people run after.

Dr. Davis: Oh. Somebody else's dream. What about this friend? Why does he climb these walls? What does he think of himself?
Peter: That's the problem, he doesn't know what to think.
Dr Davis: Kind of makes you mad not to know who you are? Your soul disappears, nothing is bad as uncertainty. Listen, maybe you're not supposed to be Spider Man climbing those walls? That's why you keep falling. You'll always have a choice Peter.
Peter: (whispers) I have a choice.

Dr. Otto Octavius: I will not die a monster.
But what is a monster really? What if it is monster within us. So would you die being yourself, or would you die not being a monster (thus untrue to yourself?)

Peter Parker: I'm Spider Man, given a job to do. And I'm Peter Parker, and I too have a job.
But which one comes first? The bestowed one or the heart felt one?

Peter Parker: Sometimes to do what's right we must be steady and give up the things we desire the most even our dreams
But is it worth it?

Mary Jane Watson: Isn't it about time somebody saved your life?
Heros need to be saved sometimes too.

Doc Ock: That's right... the real crime would be not to finish what we started.
At all expenses. It's quite sad when a person's whole entire being is bound by one thing. But yet, it might be even sadder if there is nothing that binds the the human soul together. But which's worse?

I must be too bored. Doddle doddle board indeed. If I see these ideas coming in my stories I know why. Well, at least my brain is functioning. :D I will watch Spiderman 3 tomorrow!