Feb. 28th, 2012

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So apparently I saw these two pictures back to back on my tumblr. I realize I MUST re-post them in the order I see them. #fan #hopeless

/Nuff said.

Not under cut because I don't want to.
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Urgh, so I suck at keeping deadlines. I actually do have something for [personal profile] jugemu / [profile] parasol_odori but I am so not going to finish it on time for her birthday because I have crappy time management skills and I don't want to give her crap.


You get a place holder of sorts that says:

Happy Birthday, Delfi!

Thanks for being one of my first friends in fandom and.. you have been precious. Although half the world tries to make you feel that you are not. You are precious to me okay <3 Have a good birthday okay <3. #cuddles

And god I will write a more sincere birthday message em, soon